Management Dashboarding - MaDaBoS

Without redundant options, in accordance with the latest technologies and modern design – MaDaBos provides a powerful tool for anyone who manages business at any level. The system is customizable so it can take in business data from various sources and transfer them to a mobile phone or a tablet, and show them in clear, attractive and, above all, useful form.

Sources may include: databases, ERP and CRM software, sensor systems, web sites, etc. Everything is customized so the end user, the manager, does not spend a second more, but to collect all relevant information in one place. The system does it for him.

MaDaBoS stands for MAnagement DAshBOard System, or in laymen terms - the business control panel. Just as a driver and a pilot have their dashboards - a businessman during decision-making should also rely on accurate and clear information. Smart phone technologies provide the possibility of making such data available virtually any time and any place. And that is without turning on the computer and on the mobile device that we practically always carry with us. The software will automatically refresh the data, but it can also be set to notify the user visually and/or audibly of certain changes in the data. In today's business world, different data sources are all around us. As a rule – working people do not have time to enter the technical details behind the data they are seeing and, based on which, they conduct the business. Unfortunately, modern technology can be demanding and can bring more frustration than relevant data. MaDaBos is designed to minimize as much as possible the “distance” between the user and the data.


Sensation Mobile

The event Sensation was held the first time in 2000 in the Amsterdam Arena, in Netherlands. Eleven years later, White Sensation was held in the Balkans, in Belgrade. Sensation – the project that was made as an application that monitors White Sensation event held in Belgrade Arena.

The Telenor workload was done by Gray International agency and the firm BTR. Code Factory has completed the development of mobile application in J2ME environment for the Symbian platform. The application has been tested and published on OVI store.


Museum Night

Noć Muzeja Android Aplikacija

Museum Night has been taking place worldwide since 1997, while in Serbia it started in 2007. Large number of visitors this event has attracted in recent years has necessitated the need for an electronic guide which was developed by Code Factory for phones with Android platform. The application has the complete event program along with its integration with Facebook.

The application has been published on the Android Market and it had about 1000 downloads during the event itself.




The Economic Review

The Economic Review is the only daily newspaper dealing with economic issues in the country. Code Factory has implemented Android application that lets user see information published in the Economic Review.

The application consists of a photo-story that allows users to scroll through the latest photos, stock exchange information with the ticker, as well as the referral system for advertising space resulting in source of advertising revenue.


Other mobile solutions

-         A small working group that is connected to the VPN network
-         Internal messaging
-         Central database of contacts
-         Central calendar
-         Common Document Management
-         …